Cayman GTS - Australia's Best Drivers Car

The Porsche Cayman GTS has been judged the country’s best driver’s car by leading on-line automotive website – – in its inaugural Australia’s Best Driver’s Car (ABDC) super test.

A field of 15 cars priced from $25,000 to $250,000 originating from all over the world took place in one of Australia’s biggest ever road tests – each covering 2,500 kms over six days on road, track and drag strip with the winner determined by 16 of Australia’s best motoring road testers.

It’s the first time the Australia’s Best Driver’s Car has been awarded, with testing taking place in Tasmania which is deemed to have the best driving roads in the land. Editor-in-Chief, Mike Sinclair, said while the inaugural Australia’s Best Driver’s Car was hard fought; in the final reckoning the decision was unanimous.

“The Cayman GTS was rated higher across Australia’s Best Driver’s Car eight key engagement categories than any of the other 14 cars we tested,” said Sinclair.

“In fact, every judge that scored the Cayman GTS gave it at least six five-out-of-fives. In scoring terms, that’s a remarkable result – no other car came close,” he said.

“Driver’s cars are hard to quantify in terms of hard data – the factors that separate them from everyday A-to-B cars are more than just acceleration times or power to weight ratios. If you have even an ounce of petrol in your veins, you'll pick what makes a driver’s car from the feeling behind the wheel.

“This is no better illustrated than by the Cayman GTS. Tactile, communicative and eager, in the best tradition of great driver’s cars. Even in Tasmania’s wildest weather the inner brilliance of the GTS shone through,” Sinclair added.

The Porsche Cayman range in Australia will soon expand to four models when the Cayman GT4 arrives in September, joining the Cayman GTS, Cayman S and Cayman.


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