Advanced Driver Training.

As you know, your Porsche is unlike any other car on the road. It has been engineered with the responsiveness, in-built intelligence and emotional power that cries out to be used. The Porsche Advanced Driver Training programme is devoted to doing just that. A day where you'll discover a great deal about the safety features of your Porsche and learn the fundamentals of correct technique that will open up a whole new world which ordinary driving will never reveal.

Porsche Track Experience.

Porsche Track Experience has been providing training based on a clear philosophy: you tell us your driving goal and we ensure that you achieve it. All of our courses comply with the same high standards, so you can confidently choose to participate in our cars. Working through the various training levels, you can finesse your driving style step by step, from the basics of vehicle control to professional driving skills.

Porsche Ice Experience.

Porsche Ice Experience provides the perfect playground for participants to push sports cars to the absolute limit. The Arctic Circle in Finland is the ultimate destination. Improve your driving skills in icy, yet controlled conditions, all under the expert guidance of Porsche Driving Experience Instructors. Learn about accurate braking, evasive manoeuvres or controlled drift on specially prepared handling courses.

Targa Tours Australia.

The challenging, at times demanding, yet unforgettable Targa closed-road stages have long inspired Porsche drivers in a test of driving skill and prowess. For those who love Porsche and everything it stands for, nothing compares to being part of a Porsche Targa Tour.





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